Ranger Designs

Ranger Designs manufactures a wide variety of products, primarily for cargo vans. These include:

  • stock shelving, bin shelving and fold-away shelving
  • ladder racks, max racks and van racks
  • floor liners
  • partitions
  • accessories and install kits

Ranger Up Fit on PromasterRanger manufactures to fit 15 different vehicle brands, both foreign and domestic. Each area of equipment is functionally designed for the following service trades: contractors, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, delivery, mobile and locksmith services.

We do a fair number of commercial cargo van up-fits using Ranger products, and we have their impressive Ranger Up-fit Guide here at our showroom.

Ranger has been supporting Mobile Tradesmen since 1988. Truck Outfitters & Accessories will help you choose the right Ranger products to customize your up-fit to the particulars of your trade.


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